This focus area serves children and their families from birth to ages five.


This focus area serves children and their families from kindergarten to eighth grade.


This focus area serves youth from ninth grade to college and career.

family engagement

This focus area serves to deeply involve parents and other family members into Zone programs and become engaged in their child’s education.

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Coming Back Home…

By Lila Acosta, College & Career Success Coordinator, Zone 126 Looking back at one’s past can sometimes be associated with a negative connotation. Popular quotes such as, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” imply that the past is done and should be m


Letter from the Zone: Planting the Seeds of Power

By Anthony Lopez, Executive Director, Zone 126 These days, when I think of something as “community-grown” I tend to think of food grown in community gardens. Call it “community or home-grown,” it simply means “from within the community or ‘organic’.” And just l

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