Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Zone 126 uses collective impact to increase student achievement and make strong connections between home, school, and work to break the cycle of poverty.

Zone 126 Vision

For every child to graduate from high school prepared for college, and enter the workforce equipped with the skills needed to thrive in a 21st century world.

The Challenge

More than 20,000 families are living in concentrated pockets of poverty in Astoria and Long Island City. Over 8,000 are children. A child living in poverty faces multiple environmental, social, and physical barriers to academic success. Zone 126 exists to break down those barriers.

Our Pledge

We make purposeful decisions to respond to the needs of the children, youth, and families of Astoria and Long Island City.

Zone 126 Core Values

We believe schools are central to the integration of academic, youth development, community and family empowerment, and health and social services to drive achievement from cradle to career.

We partner with like-minded and results-oriented individuals and organizations to collaborate and build upon short-term results leading to long-term impact.

We mobilize and work with a wide variety of stakeholders to build awareness of the economic, educational, and social disparities to deliver holistic solutions that create sustainable change.

We set high evaluation standards by analyzing and synthesizing data to drive continuous improvement and capacity growth.

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