Zone Schools

“I first met Zone 126 in 2011, and I was very impressed as there was real Cradle to Career focus that was tailored to truly support this community. Since then, the benefit to my school community has been twofold: Zone 126 has aided Long Island City HS in seeking opportunities for professional development and acquiring resources, especially for working with the higher needs communities and it has been an additional outlet for schools to reach out to the community we serve. 

 The monthly Principal’s Council meetings have been an amazing strength and opportunity for principals to unite and have a focused discussion on common themes, trends and best practices for serving the community we all share.”

—Vivian Selenikas, Principal at Long Island City HS

Zone schools are the center of the Collective Impact framework as all programs and services are provided within these institutions.

Zone schools meet monthly at a Principal’s Council to discuss initiatives, best practices, and issues occurring within the Zone.

There are currently ten Zone schools within the Zone 126 Collective Impact framework, spanning from elementary school to high school.

Zone Elementary Schools (Pre-K-5) and (Pre-K-8):

Community School 111Q – Jacob Blackwell Multimedia, Communications & Art
PS 171Q – Peter G. Van Alst

Zone Middle Schools (6-8):

IS 126Q – Albert Shanker School of Visual & Performing Arts

Zone High Schools (9-12):

Long Island City High School