Long Island City High School Siblings Get Ready for College

By Lila Acosta, College & Career Success Coordinator

Brandy*, a 16-year-old junior at Long Island City High School, was enrolled in the Let’s Get Ready (LGR) free SAT prep program.  Upon joining the LGR program, Brandy mentioned that she had spoken to her older sister Mariah*, currently a senior at LICHS who participated in the program last year about what she should expect. Mariah encouraged her younger sister to participate in the program, and even mentioned that the program helped her increase her SAT score to 1330! Brandy has been a model student throughout the program even earning perfect attendance.

Now that the LGR program has concluded for this semester, Brandy opened up to discuss her thoughts about the program and what kept her coming back each time. Some of those thoughts were that she really appreciated that the program was held at the school, making it very accessible to her as opposed to having to go elsewhere. Brandy mentioned that she enjoyed the college readiness topics that were discussed to prepare her for her senior year. She recommends LGR to all juniors who haven’t taken the class and future juniors because “it’s helpful, and we had good coaches teaching us the material and it was a great experience.” All students who have participated have had an extensive amount of practice and test taking techniques taught to them to ensure they answer accurately and in a timely fashion.

Brandy will be taking the January 2017 SAT exam and believes she is now ready because of LGR and Zone 126’s efforts to make all students at LICHS college and career ready.

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