Lila Zone 126 2

Coming Back Home…

By Lila Acosta, College & Career Success Coordinator, Zone 126

Looking back at one’s past can sometimes be associated with a negative connotation. Popular quotes such as, “Don’t look back, you’re not going that way” imply that the past is done and should be moved away from. However, looking back and going back to where I came from, is something I am now enjoying.

At the age of five, I moved into Astoria and attended PS 17Q. My best memory there is winning the Science Fair with my 5th grade class for a potato project. I then moved on to IS 126Q where my friends and I were part of the school band and often volunteered for community service. Next, I went to Long Island City High School where I joined the band again, the student leadership team and worked in the main office during the summer of junior year.

My academic experience led me to pursue a career in the educational field. I wanted to motivate students to enjoy school as much as I did. Now that I am a part of Zone 126, I have that chance. I am working at LICHS as a College & Career Success Coordinator. Some highlights of my work include: helping Let’s Get Ready, the free SAT prep program for juniors, translating for Spanish-speaking parents, and assisting students with college applications. What I enjoy most is the direct contact with students and parents, when I can chat and personally assist them with their needs.

I still live in Astoria but I never imagined that 14 years after I graduated from LICHS, I would be back. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go back to where one came from. I have been given that and can genuinely say my road into the past is not bad, not bad at all; it’s great!